Manns Sausage Company is a family-run operation with the vision to produce our lean pork sausages for the public to enjoy as we have enjoyed for generations. Started by our Manns family ancestors in the early 1900’s, making fresh and smoked sausage on the farm has been a family tradition ever since. We're proud to bring these products to market so that everyone can experience what friends and relatives of the Manns family have known for decades: quality lean pork sausage that is an every day, every meal menu item.


Nathaniel Haile started Manns Sausage Company in the winter of 2010. Nathaniel, grandson of the late Clair Manns, has been learning the fundamentals of the sausage making trade since he was 13 years old. Taught by his Grandfather and Great Uncles, the Manns brothers instilled the family tradition in Nathaniel at an early age. It is Nathaniel's goal to honor his Grandfather and Great Uncles by maintaining the integrity of the sausage and continuing the work ethic he learned on the Manns farm as a young boy.