The History of the Manns Sausage Company

Real. Genuine. Lean.

Gourmet Sausage for Over 100 Years.

Our time-tested sausage recipes have been handed down through generations. Our family tradition: passion for quality sausage.

The Manns Sausage Company Featured Product

Pure, No Bull (or Birds)

No by-products. Period.

The Manns family is passionate about pork. Lean, quality-cuts of pork. No beef, chicken or turkey fillers.

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The Manns Sausage Company Featured Recipe

Authenticity Matters

Real sausage. Real ingredients.

Gourmet sausage is pure. Our flavors are real. They weren’t invented in a chemistry lab. Our sausage is pork and spices, not a pureed meat smoothie with artificial ingredients.

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